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Adoption records can contain a number of documents, which often include the original birth certificate. The courts can be petitioned to have adoption records opened but often, only censored or non-identifying information will be given if any information from the adoption record is given at all. Some states have passed bills, which require birthparents to leave contact information or detailed medical histories if they do not want future contact. Often a confidential intermediary, or someone who goes between the courts and the person inquiring about the records, is required to access any adoption records at all.

The article Access to Adoption Records goes into great depth as to what is considered non-identifying information, what various states policies are and how to access information.

Read the details of why adoptees should consider petitioning courts for their records as well as the details of petitioning, using the Indian Child Welfare Act in a petition for those who qualify and what else to expect when petitioning in the article Petitioning the Court to Open Your Adoption File.

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christina - 2 months ago
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I am searching for my biological brother, his name is Frank Melvin Penny-his D.O.B is June 26, 1961. Our mothers name was Jean Burres. We had a brother that was murdered 6/26/83 in sacramento California. His name was steven henry penny. D.O.B was 5/6/62. my birth date is 6/8/69-and name at birth was Dorothy that is all I know. I'm now 45 yrs old, and have NO idea who I am, who I look like.etc. I would cherish to learn anything about my blood relatives! I live in Colorado springs, colo. and I was born somewhere in California. PLEASE HELP! #1
Tosha - 3 weeks ago
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Trying to help my friend find her birth mother, her mother was 24 when she gave her up for adoption the birth mother was a member of the Glee Club some where in Alabama and she did clerical work and her major was business administration and played the clarinet in High School the birth mother, mother was a LPN and was from Pritchard, Alabama She knows that her birth mother had a sister that had two kids and was a teacher and was living in Germany where her husband was stationed, Please if you have and information please reply ASAP my friend is 41 years old #2
francine mares - 5 days ago
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Hello i am searching for a child given up by Susan Dorothy Craven (ramirez) . I dont have a date of birth but she was your mother and i am her grand daughter. She has 3 other children but only 2 are alive now. I am her youngest daughters daughter so your niece. If you have been searching for your mother Susan please let me know @ xxxx . Thank you #3
deborah harris - 5 days ago
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my name is deborah harris i was born 03/22/1972 in ann arbor michigan i do not know what hospital i was born in i was adopted by michael and james harris i need to get my birth certificate and i do not know my birth parents info any help would be greatly appericated #4
Larry - 4 weeks ago
I am looking for my birth mother Lela Belle Smith she would be about 85 now , I also have several siblings and any relatives of Walter Brinegar he would be about he would be about 87 I was born 11-7-55 birth name was David Leroy Smith I was born in Wichita, Ks #5
Jordan - 7 months ago
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I'm trying to help my father find out information on his biological parents. He was adopted as an infant. The only reason we're looking into this is for health reasons. My family has health issues and we know nothing about his biological families medical health and that'd be vital information for us. How do I go about finding this out. #6
christine - 2 months ago
In search of my biological father james wilson , or my siblings he was in the military in 1976 in twenty nine palms marine base he met my mother rose coony through a phone book, she got preagnant with me i was born october 1976 in santa barbara california . I was told that his family lived in colorado springs colorado and possibly still living there #7
Alicia - 3 weeks ago
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I'm looking for my niece and nephew they were put up for adoption. Their names were Jeremy g. Hadley and Brooke Lynn hadley . I would love to meet y'all and answer any questions you may have about your birth parents #8
Jean - 3 months ago
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In search of birth mother/family. I was born in New Hartford, NY on 3/31/1968. The adoption was through Oneida County Dept. of Social Services. Papers say my father was going into the marines and my mother was going to continue school and was interested in music. It says she was 5ft 3in. #9
Elliot Steinberg - 3 months ago
My name is Elliot Steinberg. I have my amended birth certificate and I am looking for my Birthparents. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, March 1st 1989. My Birthmothers name is believed to be Bonnie... With this information... How do I go about finding them ? Any help at all please.... #10
DeAnna - 2 months ago
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looking for my son and daughter from Seneca county Tiffin Ohio, names at birth were Ryan Douglas Jr. and Kristin Nicole their birthdays are in April I miss them and want to find them. #11
Devin - 2 months ago
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I was born in Bangor, Maine. I was adopted and now live with my adoptive family. My Birth Parents may of been to jail for drug use. They were young when I was born, around 19 yrs old mother, 24 yr old father #12
Korean - 7 months ago
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I NEED TO KNOW IF I HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO ANY INFO ON MY OLDER BROTHER HE WAS ADOPTED OUT IN ARKANSAS BEFORE I WAS BORN I STILL LIVE ARKANSAS NOT SURE ABOUT HIM BUT DOS ANYONE KNOW THE LAWS REGARDING THIS SINCE WE ARE BOTH OF AGE IM NOT HAVING ANY HELP FROM FAMILY IN MY SEARCH I DONT HAVE CONTACT WITH THEM ANYMORE SO I HAVE VERY LITTLE INFO ALL I KNOW IS my mom was 16 when she had him , the adoption agency went through was mercy ministries Louisiana it was sapose to be a open adoption but after a year she didnt hear anything he was adopted by the couple in little rock by a women that ran a christian tv program he was born july/ 21/87 with the name Corey Austin Norris at Russellville Saint Mary's AND I DONT KNOW IF THE ADOPTION AGENCY WILL TELL ME ANYTHING WAITING FOR THERE CALL STILLLL ARKANSAS LAWS? #13
Jennifer - 2 months ago
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I am looking for my son I gave up for adoption. His name at birth was Kevin Dean Wilson, born on November 1, 1989, in Chattanooga, TN. It was a closed adoption, so I do not know anything about where the adoptive family lives. #14
natasha rossman - 5 months ago
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I'm looking for my son that was adopted in 2003/2004. His name was Spencer Mykell hayden Rossman born June 15, 03 in Tacoma wa. I've been searching and searching for years with no luck. The parentsthat aadopted him are stacy and eric craig (sp? On stacy not sure) I hope he finds me or I find him. He's got 3 half sisters who know about him and want to meet him. Not a day goes by I don't miss him. He was adopted in Texas someplace near junction tx. #15
Bobbie - 3 months ago
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I am looking for my half sister who was adopted approx 1952 or later in Alameda County, CA. The biological fathers name was Robert Lagomarsino. I don't know a lot more. #16
Beverly - 3 months ago
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looking for my birth family. born 8/29/1960 athens, georgia #17
Markesh - 3 months ago
Looking for birth parents n siblings, I was born Trenton, NJ sept 10, 1994 #18
lenore - 6 months ago
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looking for any information on birth family. i was adopted in youngstown, ohio on April 10, 1972. was adopted two years later. was in fostercare for the two years. birthmother was a ward of the state at time that i was born. she was 16-17 years old. my birth father was 18. they worked at fast food restuarnt together. i am a black female. need family medical history please. #19
vanessa - 3 months ago
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Hi my name is Vanessa,I am trying to help my sister find her biological father its hard because we don't even have a name..our mother name is Migdalia Rosario Triana born on oct 07th of 66 in Miami,FL..my sister was born on Dec 03rd of85.. #20
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