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Adoption records can contain a number of documents, which often include the original birth certificate. The courts can be petitioned to have adoption records opened but often, only censored or non-identifying information will be given if any information from the adoption record is given at all. Some states have passed bills, which require birthparents to leave contact information or detailed medical histories if they do not want future contact. Often a confidential intermediary, or someone who goes between the courts and the person inquiring about the records, is required to access any adoption records at all.

The article Access to Adoption Records goes into great depth as to what is considered non-identifying information, what various states policies are and how to access information.

Read the details of why adoptees should consider petitioning courts for their records as well as the details of petitioning, using the Indian Child Welfare Act in a petition for those who qualify and what else to expect when petitioning in the article Petitioning the Court to Open Your Adoption File.

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Tosha - 5 months ago
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Trying to help my friend find her birth mother, her mother was 24 when she gave her up for adoption the birth mother was a member of the Glee Club some where in Alabama and she did clerical work and her major was business administration and played the clarinet in High School the birth mother, mother was a LPN and was from Pritchard, Alabama She knows that her birth mother had a sister that had two kids and was a teacher and was living in Germany where her husband was stationed, Please if you have and information please reply ASAP my friend is 41 years old #1
Natassja - 2 weeks ago
I AM SEARCHING FOR MY FATHERS BIOLOGICAL FAMILY. My father was born 09/2/1960 and passed away in 12/16/2004 of a heart attack. He was adopted to my grandparents when he was only a few weeks old, they had no possible way to care for him for at that time they were homeless. This happened in Washington DC, today I've been told that his biological parents are no longer alive as well, but they do have 2 older daughters that I would like to find out about, ask them questions about their adopted brother, and to let them know they have a niece that has been trying to track down her blood relatives on her father's side for about 3 years now. I also wonder if they are feeling a piece of something is missing from their lifes as it is in mines not know what blood runs through my veins, where my father comes from that made him exist to me carrying on his generation. #2
Jeannie - 2 weeks ago
I AM SEARCHING FOR MY FATHERS BIOLOGICAL FAMILY. I don't want to dredge up any old wounds. My father passed away last year after many years of health problems. His kidneys failed and with a miracles one started working enough for him to return to work. He was born July 6, 1943 in Indianapolis,IN. I was told his birth mothers last name was Stashelm spelling probably is wrong. I just want to find this missing piece for health reasons not trying to hurt anyone. He was adopted by a couple in Evansville Indiana his name became Joseph kost not sure if he was named Joseph at birth because his adoptive fathers name was also Joseph any help would be appreciated. #3
ashley - 4 weeks ago
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Looking for my fathers parents. He was adopted as a baby and has a birth date of july 10, 1970 in pittsfield mass. It was a closed adoption and unfortunetly we have no info other than we were told the birth mom was 14 and birth father was around 16/17. My fathers name is timothy joseph and had blonde hair and blue eyes, hair is now brown. He has really been hoping to find his parents, and i am hopeful as well because he turned out to be the best father to four and he is even a grandfather now. He is a very talented mason and an amazing person. I pray we can find our family!!! #4
Marsha - 1 month ago
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My adoptive name is Marsha Jo Lemon-Daniels I was born on 12.25.1972 at Travis Air Force Base in Suisun City California. I was told my mom was a teen mother. I have searched on other sites and got hits stating that I was born Marsha J Carney. I am not sure if that’s true. I don’t think there was an agency involved, it most likely was a private adoption. My adoptive parents are now both deceased. I need help and I have no idea where to start. Please reply to all when you respond as I may be off work. I just want to find out who I am. I am of mixed heritage for sure but my parents were not sure what. #5
Michelle - 6 days ago
I am looking for my brother. He was born in Frisbee Memorial Hospital (Rochester NH) in May or June of 1992. I don't know how to go about finding him. My mother put him up for adoption because she already had my sister and me, and couldn't afford another baby. I have no definite info besides the hospital he was born and the year. I don't even know if he knows he was adopted and has 2 sister? Help! Please #6
christina - 6 months ago
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I am searching for my biological brother, his name is Frank Melvin Penny-his D.O.B is June 26, 1961. Our mothers name was Jean Burres. We had a brother that was murdered 6/26/83 in sacramento California. His name was steven henry penny. D.O.B was 5/6/62. my birth date is 6/8/69-and name at birth was Dorothy that is all I know. I'm now 45 yrs old, and have NO idea who I am, who I look like.etc. I would cherish to learn anything about my blood relatives! I live in Colorado springs, colo. and I was born somewhere in California. PLEASE HELP! #7
Debby - 2 months ago
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I am trying to find my son that I gave up for adoption in 1973. I had him at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, MO. I named him Jeremy Dale Patterson and his birthday is March 17, 1973. I was staying at Booth Memorial Hospital for 4 months before he was born. If anyone has any information please reply. #8
janine patu - 2 months ago
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Hi I'm from new zealand looking for my birth father. My birth mums name was louisa pukeiti on my original birth certificate.she met him in 1977.his last name is sione he is niue.I would like someone to help me as she will not Give me details on my birth father.I have been searching for 2years finding him is like a needle in a haystack.but there's still a chance . Please help.kind regards A daughter in need to know her father. #9
Guest - 3 months ago
Im Trying To Find My Birthparents. Dont Know Thier Names But I Know Their Last Name Was Floyd. I was born on January 22 1992 amd I have a brother who looks like me who was born on april 21 1991. My adoptive parents told me that we were found abandoned in a warehouse when I was a baby. My adoptive mother has passed away and my adoptive dad is very sick so I have no one else to help me. Please help!!! #10
julia - 4 days ago
Hi I am looking for my half brother who was born john Michael Darlington at st Margaret,s hosptail Epping Essex on 17th June. 1965 #11
dejah - 6 days ago
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Im trying to look for my brother named eric I herd he lives in Indiana and his middle name should be Washington and he should be 12-14 years old please help #12
stephfon groves - 2 weeks ago
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Looing for my sister ieash groves.our birth mother name was sa lly d groves lived in Louisville ky. #13
catherine - 11 months ago
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looking for my friends birth parents and/or older brother(s) she is 14 and has a little problem with trying to grow up way to fast and i want to help her.. she was adopted from russia at 8 years old and her brother (she thinks is 16) and she lived with her grandma and grandpa until she was 5 or 6.. then she lived in the orphanage she i NEEDDD HELP!!! #14
Jordan - 11 months ago
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I'm trying to help my father find out information on his biological parents. He was adopted as an infant. The only reason we're looking into this is for health reasons. My family has health issues and we know nothing about his biological families medical health and that'd be vital information for us. How do I go about finding this out. #15
Guest - 3 months ago
I am looking for my half sister who was adopted when she was born. I am pretty sure she was born at griffin hospital in derby ct on November 21, 1989 or 1990. Her birth name (I think) was Brittany Soltis. Our mothers name was Christine Soltis. Also, I'm pretty sure she was adopted through catholic charities in derby or Antonia ct. #16
Danielle - 3 months ago
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I'm looking for my birth mother/family all i know is i was adopted in 2001 orange county California and given the name danielle i had an older brother, a younger sister named kelly and a younger brother my sister was adopted with me my birth date is 3/26/96 and i was born in oroville California #17
makayla - 2 weeks ago
My.name is makayla and I am trying to reconnect with my son wayne landan leary. He was born on june 10th 2007 at tufts medical center boston ma. I was going thru a horrible time in.my life and I think.about him every day. It feels like A piece of my heart is missing and I just want to hug him and hold him and tell him how.much I.never stoped loving him. I also had a daughter sophia she is four and lives with me and would love for brother and sister to.meet. someone please help me and my son reunite. Thank you. #18
anna gray - 3 months ago
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Im trying to find my husbands first born son his name is richard lee gray or he was yrs ago he was taken in st francios county mo his dob is 10/7/97 if u could plz call meat xxxxx plz and thank u or u can message me on facebook under anna gansner oranna m gansner gray #19
Guest - 3 months ago
I am trying to obtain my original birth certificate before I was adopted. I was adopted by my mothers husband she was married to at the time and I have his last name, but my original birth certificate has my last name at time of birth...I need to know how I can get the original one I really need help. I am now finding out at the age of 39 #20
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